Current local times in Antarctic Region

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  Bellingshausen (RU)   Mon, 10:57 PM
  O'Higgins Station (CL)   Mon, 10:57 PM
  Palmer Station (US)   Mon, 10:57 PM
  Rothera Station (UK)   Mon, 11:57 PM
  Halley Station (UK)   Tue, 02:57 AM
  Neumayer Station (DE)   Tue, 02:57 AM
  SANAE IV (ZA)   Tue, 04:57 AM
  Syowa Station (JP)   Tue, 05:57 AM
  Mawson Station (AU)   Tue, 07:57 AM
  Mirny Station (RU)   Tue, 08:57 AM
  Molodezhnaya Station (RU)   Tue, 08:57 AM
  Vostok Station (RU)   Tue, 08:57 AM
  Davis Station (AU)   Tue, 09:57 AM
  Dumont d'Urville (FR)   Tue, 12:57 PM
  Macquarie Island Station (AU)   Tue, 12:57 PM
  Casey Station (AU)   Tue, 01:57 PM
  Wilkins Aerodrome (AU)   Tue, 01:57 PM
  Admundsen-Scott Station (US)   Tue, 03:57 PMdst
  McMurdo Station (US)   Tue, 03:57 PMdst
  Scott Base (NZ)   Tue, 03:57 PMdst

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