Current local times in Australia and Oceania

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  Alofi   Mon, 03:36 PM
  Pago Pago   Mon, 03:36 PM
  Papeete   Mon, 04:36 PM
  Rarotonga   Mon, 04:36 PM
  Marquesas Islands   Mon, 05:06 PM
  Gambier Islands   Mon, 05:36 PM
  Adamstown   Mon, 06:36 PM
  Broome   Tue, 10:36 AM
  Fremantle   Tue, 10:36 AM
  Perth   Tue, 10:36 AM
  Eucla   Tue, 11:21 AM
  Koror   Tue, 11:36 AM
  Adelaide   Tue, 01:06 PMdst
  Alice Springs   Tue, 12:06 PM
  Broken Hill   Tue, 01:06 PMdst
  Darwin   Tue, 12:06 PM
  Brisbane   Tue, 12:36 PM
  Cairns   Tue, 12:36 PM
  Canberra   Tue, 01:36 PMdst
  Hagatna   Tue, 12:36 PM
  Hobart   Tue, 01:36 PMdst
  Mackay   Tue, 12:36 PM
  Melbourne   Tue, 01:36 PMdst
  Newcastle   Tue, 01:36 PMdst
  Port Moresby   Tue, 12:36 PM
  Sydney   Tue, 01:36 PMdst
  Lord Howe Island   Tue, 01:36 PMdst
  Honiara   Tue, 01:36 PM
  Kingston   Tue, 01:36 PM
  Noumea   Tue, 01:36 PM
  Palikir   Tue, 01:36 PM
  Port-Vila   Tue, 01:36 PM
  Auckland   Tue, 03:36 PMdst
  Christchurch   Tue, 03:36 PMdst
  Funafuti   Tue, 02:36 PM
  Majuro   Tue, 02:36 PM
  Mata-Utu   Tue, 02:36 PM
  Nadi   Tue, 02:36 PM
  Suva   Tue, 02:36 PM
  Tarawa   Tue, 02:36 PM
  Wellington   Tue, 03:36 PMdst
  Yaren   Tue, 02:36 PM
  Waitangi (Chatham isl.)   Tue, 04:21 PMdst
  Apia   Tue, 04:36 PMdst
  Fakaofo   Tue, 03:36 PM
  Nukualofa   Tue, 03:36 PM
  Rawaki   Tue, 03:36 PM
  Kiritimati   Tue, 04:36 PM

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